Saturday, August 16, 2008

3/4 of the way there

We decided (somewhere just past dallas) we decided that the best way to measure our progress was not by hours but by legs travelled. This meant that the 2 hour flight to Dallas had the same value (1/4 of the trip) as the 14+ hour leg between LA and Sydney. I think that this may have backfired. It may prove to be accurate in terms of difficulty, however.

I'll start with the quick inventory (Bridget Jones style, I think I'll keep it up)
2+ hours from dallas
1+ hours from LA (This is hard to judge because the rushed us onto the plane, then made us wait for other passengers)

Lost Bags:
2: This is of course problematic when you have to take them through customs. Having to report lost baggage leads to:

Missed connections:
3: All in Sydney. First one we arrived too late for. Second one we missed because we were still trying to clear customs. Third one was overbooked because we were too far back in the line to get booked onto the next flight. Which leads us to:

Free admissions into the Sydney Qantas Club Lounge:
2: One for me, and one for SO. mostly because we were both polite, quiet and obviously very frustrated and tired. And that means:

Free Food:
Lots: Sandwiches, fruit salad, amazing cheese, Decent rolls, and soup that I refuse to eat. So, if you're stranded for an extra 6 hours in Sydney, I would recommend looking into trying to get into the qantas club. Very worthwhile.

The olympics are on live in the afternoon here, so all is well. Checkin will be over by the time we arrive tonight, so I'll have to do it in the morning.

Here's to Australia being better than the flights.

Peace out.

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Solar Dancer said...

What an awful trip - except for the plush lounge. Flying is getting harder and harder. Its time for someone to invent the teleporter - get on that, would you.