Thursday, August 21, 2008

Australia day 6.05479

Last day of conferences. I have spent the last five days having my brain filled with other peoples ideas, methods, procedures and hypotheses. I am so ready to go pet a koala. Speaking of which, we went to the Rainforestation park for an ISME party last night where there was just such occurrances...occurring?? SO pointed out that it was sort of odd to travel around the world to come to a conference on environmental sensitivity and have our party at a park which seemed to exploit the animals and native culture for fun and profit. However, there was free beer and free food. All in all, not a bad party. On the professional front, things are going well (I think), which is good because the weather outside is frightful and therefore the vacation front is less so. After I run this one last errand for the conference, I am planning on spending the rest of the time on the beach in the water, above the water, or in the rainforest. If people interfere with this plan, they will be pointed at....severely.
Concluding list:
Number of days of conference attended: 5
Number of people met through conference by myself : 2
Number of people met at conference through SO: 3
Current score: Scientist 2, SO 3.
Days of beachgoing left: 7.
People who will actually read this blog: 1.5

Peace out, yo.

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Solar Dancer said...

Its about time you got to relax! Be careful when you go swimming. Coral hurts if you scrap yourself on it. Also, don't get eaten by a kangaroo - not that they live in the ocean...but if you go somewhere else...don't go near the kangaroos...unless they are really cute...then its OK...I'm going to stop now.

By the way, I resent being called .5 of a person (although, on the plus side, Ilya was thrilled at being referred to as a whole person and not a baby).